The Swindlers is a band... A rockband... That plays music... - htmlcheck fails!? - The Swindlers fan website Download songs "The Swindlers" MP3 OGG WAV "What you do" MP3 OGG WAV read the worldwide best seller 'The Swindlers Handbook - The art of convincing people, that you can play' , but I warn you, it's only applicable in Danish (and that aint bread) Tune online with our (guitar) tuner via link below and tap somewhere on the page to count your BPM (beats per minute) The Swindlers ... with amplifier since 1984 ... on the net since 1997 and still playin' ...

Tune your guitar or whatever should stay in tune...Stay in tune !!!. Play the basic tones 6E 5A 4D 3G 2B 1E once or in loop while you tune your instrument. Play the traditional 440 Hz standard pitch, or the newer 442 Hz pitch.

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The Swindlers
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